IIOY has a keen interest in all things youth and although we still have our ‘ear-to-the-ground’ we are not as active in this domain at present. We do however support the sector through information dissemination and also by way of involvement on boards and other committees. Below is our more recent youth specific project. We endeavour to pursue this area again in the future.

Youth Mental Health Development

Investing In Our Youth previously hosted the position of  Youth Mental Health Development Officer. This was part time role which had an emphasis on early intervention and prevention with a focus on the particular needs of young people in the South West Region.

The broad aim of the role was to build capacity in the area of early intervention, for example working with the community to create awareness and promote well-being and resilience.

Below is a brief overview of the work achieved by the Youth Mental Health Development Officer throughout 2012-2014.


Thank You Dad

Investing In Our Youth also wish to acknowledge the generous support that made this position possible – by an innovative partnership between the South West Development Commission and the Mental Health Commission.

Positive Tickets  Program

Positive Tickets – Rewarding Positive Behaviour

Positive Tickets is designed to build positive relationships between police and young people in the South West.
The Crime Misconduct Commission has reported that both parties often have negative perceptions of the other.
The Positive Ticket program provides an opportunity for Police to be encouraging mentors to young people and recognise exemplary behaviours.

Positive Tickets aims to use positive interactions to reverse the perception young people often hold regarding the Police. How young people perceive Police will shape how they interact with law enforcement officers and their levels of confidence in the system. Similarly, how Police perceive young people will influence how they respond to youth related incidents or manage particular situations where young people are involved.

Click here to read the sponsorship page on our brochure to find out how you can assist in building healthier relationships between Police and young people.

Responding to Deliberate Self-harm

You may be aware that Bunbury hosted a forum, “Responding To Deliberate Self-harm”.

Deliberate Self Harm (DSH) otherwise known as Deliberate Self-Injury or Non-Suicidal Self-Injury, and often used interchangeably, was identified as an area of concern throughout the south-west professional sector and community alike. Interest in this behaviour stems from the scarcity of available consistent information and referral pathways and importantly, relevant research. Collaboration between several government agencies and non-government services emerged and as a result, ‘Responding to Deliberate Self Harm’ forum ensued.

Here is the completed evaluation of the forum: DSH Forum Evaluation

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