YACWA – Pl!ng Smartphone App

yacwa-plingHave you heard? YACWA is developing a database/directory which will enable not only youth specific services but young people alike to access relevant information on their Smartphones (assuming this will also include tablets). SO this is a little bit of brilliance really, in that it this app is crossing the divide between service provider and consumer. Please register your organisation’s details by following this link. By answering the questions the users of this Smartphone App will be able to: find your service, contact your service and you will be providing the public in WA with options available to them in their area!

I believe that you will see more of these types of Smartphone Applications emerging in the very near future. Another important place to register your Youth Service information is onThe Hive By doing so, you are again linking your youth service to other providers as well as the public.

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