etools – online apps to use when working with young people

smiling-mindThe use of etools is on the rise! But wait…what is an etool? Well an etool is easily summed up as an electronic educational interactive, Web-based training program/application!

Practitioners, services and the public alike are engaging in the use of this new and exciting technology. Recently, the Young and Well CRC published an interview with psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg about the different etools (including apps and online programs) he uses with his adolescent clients.

One particular app Dr Carr-Gregg mentioned is Smiling Mind. Dr Carr-Gregg stated that ‘Young people adore this (app)…It is meditation app customised by age for anxiety and depression.”

Online tools and programs may also play an important role in reaching rural and remote populations where services are limited.

Follow this link to find out what etools you may be able to use with your clients or perhaps, try for yourself.

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