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The Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) is a nationwide measure that looks at how young children are doing in their first year of full-time schooling. In 2015, the third round of the AEDC was completed, providing the first opportunity to start tracking emerging trends since the Australian Government funded the first national roll-out of the AEDC in 2009. Overall the 2015 results show that around 1 in 5 children were developmentally vulnerable on one or more domains, which is in line with results from 2012 and an improvement from results in 2009. There is much scope for advocating for investment in the early years.  Developmental vulnerabilities can lead to a poor performance at school, low labour force participation and ongoing cycles of disadvantage.

Schools of the Future

Investing In Our Youth supports ‘Schools of the Future’ network which meets quarterly in Bunbury WA. The purpose of the Network is to explore and test models of service delivery that promote a culture of collaboration, focus on early intervention and prevention, and improve health and learning outcomes for families with children aged 0-8 years. Contact us for network meeting details and updates at

Linking Education and Families (Leaf)

The Linking Education and Families (LEAF) program is a school based program that targets families with children aged 0-4 and aims to give children the best possible start to their education. The program has earned high credentials. LEAF has been the recipient of many awards and was recognised by a Civic Reception hosted by the City of Bunbury in November 2009. The program has also been recognised in a report to parliament which found that the program allowed caregivers and parents to identify health concerns well before a child entered the school system and benefited children in terms of school readiness.
Investing In Our Youth has been pleased to support this program over several years.
For more information on LEAF – see Completed Projects.

Connecting to services

Investing in Our Youth regularly updates a resource directory that is used by parents, school teachers, police, doctors, child health nurses and others in the SW to help connect families with services that can support them. Click here for a copy of the most recent A4 directory. Bunbury 2016 Resource Directory for Families with Young Children

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