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We are entering a competition… maybe you could be a winner too!

IIOY was recently recommended as a potential candidate in entering the Bendigo Bank‘You Like’ WA Campaign – “Like A Local Project.” Make It Happen” and we thought, well why not?! Let’s give this a go! This competition is where we need you to help us continue our work in the community by liking our project! HOW? okay…check it out…

Basically the steps we need our supporters to take are:

Login to your Facebook.
Search and click on Bendigo Bank.
Click on the icon ‘WA ‘You Like’ Campaign’
Either allow your web browser to share your location with Bendigo Bank or simply type ‘Bunbury’ into the ‘search for local branch & project’ bar and follow the hyperlink to view the local branch and projects.
This is when you’ll probably get a ‘pop up’ box asking for your permission to allow Bendigo Bank app to access your deets and friends list – once you’ve clicked Okay you can vote away!
Helping Our Youth Be Alcohol Aware is OUR project we need your help in getting as many ‘likes’ as possible!

You have the opportunity once you’ve voted, to enter into the draw to win yourself $5000. Nice!

You can enter and vote daily!

On another note, IIOY is working to develop a couple of pretty cool programs in the realm of early childhood development and mental well being – a little hint: NEUROPLASTICITY! …watch this blog-space for future updates…

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YACWA – Pl!ng Smartphone App

yacwa-plingHave you heard? YACWA is developing a database/directory which will enable not only youth specific services but young people alike to access relevant information on their Smartphones (assuming this will also include tablets). SO this is a little bit of brilliance really, in that it this app is crossing the divide between service provider and consumer. Please register your organisation’s details by following this link. By answering the questions the users of this Smartphone App will be able to: find your service, contact your service and you will be providing the public in WA with options available to them in their area!

I believe that you will see more of these types of Smartphone Applications emerging in the very near future. Another important place to register your Youth Service information is onThe Hive By doing so, you are again linking your youth service to other providers as well as the public.

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