Bringing the Secrecy of Self-harm Into Discussion

You may be aware that recently Bunbury hosted a forum “Responding To Deliberate Self-harm”.

Deliberate Self Harm (DSH) otherwise known as Deliberate Self-Injury or Non-Suicidal Self-Injury, and often used interchangeably, was identified as an area of concern throughout the south-west professional sector and community alike. Interest in this behaviour stems from the scarcity of available consistent information and referral pathways and importantly, relevant research. Collaboration between several government agencies and non-government services emerged and as a result, ‘Responding to Deliberate Self Harm’ forum ensued. The free forum aimed to provide the community with a space to voice not only their stories but to open this concern up to address any misconceptions regarding DSH and also reduce stigma through accessible, community discussion.

Evaluation of the forum was completed by Investing In Our Youth (IIOY) with results indicating that of the 142 registered attendees, 88 of whom completed the evaluation, 80% departed the forum with a deeper understanding of the complex behaviour however there was a noted desire for further information.

But where to now? This was only the beginning after all.

It has been recommended that future workshops engaging both the professional and consumer sector take place in the future. IIOY has sourced some relevant current information and journal articles which may assist in continuing the development of understanding this complicated behaviour.

You can read the full evaluation of the Responding to Deliberate Self-harm Forum here.

Below is a link to a great read, although completed in 2010 the statistics in the article are of interest.

Self-injury in Australia: a community survey

Graham Martin, Sarah V Swannell, Philip L Hazell, James E Harrison and Anne W Taylor

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