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Another top resource from Professionals.Heard about the MEGA LIST?

reachout-professionalsRecently Professionals released an Alcohol and Other Drugs Kit (resource) for sharing and/or printing. The kit is designed for use when working with young people who may be experiencing/experimenting with alcohol or drugs or perhaps are concerned about someone in their lives who is. The fact sheets are great! What caught my interest was the#neknominate link. I really knew very little about this craze and this gave me, as a parent and professional in the youth related realm, a great deal of insight.

You know that age-old chant where they make you down a beer (‘Here’s to [your name] he’s true blue…’)? Well now imagine that tenfold, digital and permanent. It’s pretty hard to avoid peer pressure when someone’s personally attached your name to it.

Another area of interest was the Building Better Coping Skills page. The explanations are simple, the language is just perfect for youth and the MEGA LIST of coping strategies brilliant – to the point, no bull! Here’s a little snap-shot of the MEGA LIST!

Turn to someone you trust. Write it all down. Write it all down. Write it all down. Overcome negative patterns of thinking through self-talk. Reduce your load. Consider the big picture. Learn to forgive. Hone your communication skills. Build your optimism. Learn how to set goals.Relax, manBuild your gratitude. 


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