Monthly Archives: July 2013 for Professionals – A Must See Site Professionals provides recommendations and advice for youth support workers and education professionals on a range of online interventions, tools and resources that can be used to support young people experiencing mental health difficulties and to build young people’s well-being and resilience.postquote1

An online resource for anyone working with young people – not limited to the mental health realm, to education providers also! Ranging from information on how to navigate the mental health system, to apps & online tools, classroom activities and the latest research. This site is truly looking like one-stop-shop! Although we have only just registered, it appears the site is still under construction with some subjects currently without any published information. We are really loving the Professional Development area, which hosts webinars and support tips for services! Check out this amazing resource here!

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Professor Allan Fels introduces the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance

The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance has been established by the National Mental Health Commission. They bring together leaders from a range of sectors including government, business and community to establish mentally healthy workplaces that support employees and their families. What could this look like? A pioneer in this movement is the Young and Well CRC who provide their staff a week of leave each year, “…for reflection, study, volunteering & other activities that aide personal growth & development. Just one way we build a mentally healthy workplace.”

To find out more about this movement visit:
If your workplace is a leader in providing employees with a mentally healthy workplace, you can showcase your approach on the website!

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