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How can a doorway aid in the study of body image? & Is the pursuit of happiness making some people sadder?

It’s been a little since our last post. I recently stumbled across a great read ‘Anorexia study shows how doorways reveal body image clues’ which highlights the unconscious side of anorexia nervosa patients. Fascinatingly the study reveals the use of a doorway to observe the patient’s behaviour and their perception of themselves. Worth a read!

Is the pursuit of happiness impacting the people who feel sad, to feel sadder? A great article by Anna Salleh ‘Be happy and don’t worry about being sad’ discusses the research conducted by Dr Brock Bastian and colleagues, of the University of Queensland “Sometimes promoting happiness creates pressure on people, and that pressure can actually make them more sad,” says Bastian. This makes for great read regarding cultural differences too – the study compared reactions from people in both Australia and Japan – “People are much more expecting a balance between the different emotional states compared to the west.” Hence, there was less pressure to be happy. So could happiness be a measurement for the present time and instead of pursuing happiness, could we learn to accept that some of us have different emotional settings? An interesting notion no doubt. Perhaps an article worth following up on again in the near future.

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