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‘Born This Way’ an interesting glance at research, men women & those who are transgender

Do you listen to ABC Radio National? An amazing program called All In The Mind as described on their website, is “a weekly foray into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour – everything from addiction to artificial intelligence.” Podcasts are available for free download. I recently listened to Born This Way in which Researchers discuss the areas of the brain that differ among men and women and those who are transgender, and new psychiatric guidelines in the upcoming DSM V in relation to this.

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The hot little word on every NGOs lips… FUNDING

So you have a genius idea right? Department of Culture and Arts has so many different grants available! Need help with your submission or needing another agency to support you through the process? Well why not make contact with Investing In Our Youth ? We are here to support your youth or early years focused genius idea!

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And so it begins!

Hey! Lou here from Investing In Our Youth.

My job is to provide you with the most resent relevant research, discussions and other material on mental health.

What’s my focus?
It’s  around the early years and youth but you never know, a bit of Gen X and Baby Boomer material might float about too. I am hoping to provide you with links to upcoming events, other websites down here in the South and all that is current and the ever-expanding opportunities to look at new approaches to supporting our Millennials (Gen Y).

Basically I will do the endless trolling of websites so you can deem whether the info is relevant to you and what you are doing or wanting to create. Maybe you have some funding which you need to back up with a bit of evidence-based-research or an idea that needs the support of other agencies/organisations? Well, am I the girl for you!

We are all as individuals, parents and organisations attempting to navigate the ever-changing cyber community. Often we are faced with the daunting prospect that having an online presence could potentially be completely time-consuming. We all need to face the fact that the possibility of engaging young people in the promoting of good mental well-being starts with whatever platforms they are using. If we need to get a message out there then we may need to step into their arena to play.
Well let me introduce you to my first find which I think is super relevant to problems facing NGOs (an others) today. Click on the highlighted link to find the answer ‘5 Things Nonprofits Must Do To Captivate Millennials’ by Rachael Seda.

Ciao for now…

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