Investing In Our Youth

What we do is

  • provide research infrastructure support to the child and youth service sector in the South West
  • Work as an inter-mediatory agency to connect organisations and communities
  • Support prevention and early intervention programs that promote the well being of children and young people

We can assist you:

  • Forming collaborative partnerships
  • Structuring funding applications
  • Implementing evaluation procedures
  • Developing prevention strategies
  • Providing an organisational umbrella for groups who are not incorporated

IIOY and our partnerships

Investing In Our Youth (IIOY) works in partnership with other community service organisations, the business sector, government and the wider community. Our patron is WA Police Commissioner Dr Karl O’Callaghan.

Investing In Our Youth works within an evidence based framework of prevention that reviews risk and protective factors that influence the development of children and young people. This model identifies and addresses priority areas to promote healthy development before young people become involved in problem behaviours.


Funding for current Investing In Our Youth projects has been provided by the WA Department of Education, the WA Department of Communities, and the Commonwealth Government.

Investing In Our Youth is supported by Donations and through self funded activities.

Investing In Our Youth

by making a donation.
Not for profit.

Early Years Advocacy
Hands Up For Kids
Development Project (RCCCD)
Active Rural Communities
Young People and Alcohol
Our Patron

The Patron of Investing In Our Youth is WA Police Commissioner
Dr Karl O’Callaghan pictured above with former board chair Chairman of Investing In Our Youth Professor Rhonda Oliver
Where you will find us
Linking Education and Families
Festivals, Family Days, Children & Parenting Centres